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The Gateway OT Intermodal network provides shippers with optimum door to door Intermodal Rail Services. As a preeminent IMC (Intermodal Marketing Company) Gateway Intermodal is technologically integrated with all of the North American Class 1 railways and drayage providers allowing us to offer our customers an end to end solution for intermodal cartage throughout the U.S, Canada and Mexico.

The 53' container Intermodal Rail Freight market has grown substantially over the last ten years and many shippers are taking advantage of the available capacity and improved transit times. Intermodal really means "using 2 or more methods (truck, ocean, rail, air) when moving one freight shipment". Our service typically is for Truck-Rail-Truck shipping.

Shippers converting their truckloads into intermodal shipments are finding huge freight cost savings compared to their OTR Long Haul counterparts, coupled with trucking driver shortages and new stringent "Hours of Service" regulations, the intermodal market has allowed companies to save money and reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining quality customer service levels.

Gateway O.T (IMC) networks utilizes COFC boxes owned by the 7 Class I railroad lines as well as COFC boxes owned by asset truckload carriers providing our customers a one stop shop for the largest Intermodal container capacity in the industry.

Door to Door 

Our Door to Door container services requires optimum equipment management, a vast drayage network and advanced reservations and tracking technology to ensure your shipments are picked up and delivered on time. We manage the entire process so its the same as if you ordered a truck and delivery times have become comparable to direct OTR moves. has the economical Intermodal solution for your company including rail lanes into Canada and Mexico from the U.S. For any truckload shipment traveling over 800 miles we have found that our average customer is saving 15 to 20 percent depending on the lane, utilizing an intermodal system. 

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53' Container Specs