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Warehousing and Fulfillment

Gateway Facilities provide warehousing and distribution value added services at key locations around the United States. Our network of warehouses consists of the resources to cross-dock, break bulk, assemble and process orders and perform fulfillment services.

We offer small to medium sized businesses fulfillment services such as receiving, shipping, packing, cross docking as well as kitting and staging that are coupled with superior customer service, quality control and timeliness, to provide our clients with a unique competitive advantage.

The Gateway fulfillment process utilizes quality equipment, materials and an experienced staff to pick, pack and ship business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) orders. Gateway is also a member of the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) having our staff well educated and updated on the latest rules and regulations that impact the distribution of your product is key to our success.

Our core competency is in offering flexible warehousing and distribution options that allows our clients to customize product delivery to improve customer service. If you are an online retailer growing too big for your "kitchen table", or are planning on rolling out a new website full of products give us a call.

We have provided services to a number of E Bay stores and businesses selling on many of the other online platforms. Some of our clients are happy to have "their garage back". If you are in this situation we may have the perfect service offering at a price you can afford.

Gateway provides the latest information technology through our web portal to clients who want to see what inventory they have in a warehouse, where their shipments are and the status of pending orders and invoices all in one place. 

Partnering with Gateway means you have full protection of your goods. We carry a Full liability insurance of $2 Million Dollars at the warehouse facility level to ensure coverage and protection for your commodities while they are in our care.

Gateway also is a licensed IPPC export facility meaning we can provide both domestic and International packing and shipping services on demand. Our strategic locations and experienced staff can help you improve customer service while lowering your costs.   

For your particular needs please contact our staff to discuss the warehousing options we have in the location you need them. Call 855-474-4685

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